ABC Setup Filter Assessment Tool Kit


What is the “ABC Setup Filter Assessment”?

The Auld Tyma sought trading education from a number of sources, including “Safety in the Market®” (SITM), a trading education organisation established in Brisbane, Queensland by David Bowden. David built his trading success on the extensive teachings of W D Gann, a famous US trader and trading educator and from that experience develop a training course that espoused many of Gann’s techniques. SITM have a number of courses that build on each other to provide in depth knowledge that, when applied diligently, can foster successful trading activity. 

The “ABC Setup Filter Assessment” Tool Kit is a simple means for SITM Trading Students and Practitioners to record and assess ABC Trade Setups.

The “ABC Setup Filter Assessment” Tool Kit is an Excel workbook that lists the “filters” described in the SITM books: “Smarter Starter Pack”, “The No. 1 Trading Plan” and the “Interactive Trading Workshop” for accessing the potential veracity of a trend following ABC Setup on a Gann Swing Chart.  There are 21 “filters” in the list including this like:

  • Confirmed Minor Trend
  • Confirmed Major Trend
  • Volume AB greater than BC
  • Thermometer of the C Bar
  • Gaps between A and B, and so on.

Each filter has a number of pre-determined drop-down list of selectable responses, typically, “Yes”, “No” or “Questionable” or “Up”, “Down” or “Questionable”.  (“Questionable” is used in lieu of SITM’s term “Undecided” to avoid the confusion with “Up” if a “U” abbreviation is used.)  The response selected is matched with the trade Setup Direction and the cell is then automatically highlighted as Green, Yellow and Red in typical traffic light fashion. The more “Green’s” the higher likelihood of a positive trade outcome.

A “Notes” cell allows for recording other observations related to the Setup that are not listed among the standard “Filters”.

Below the “Notes” is a group of cells for specifying the Trade Entry Limit criteria, the SITM Trade Strategy to be applied, namely “Stock”, “Currency” or “Index”, and a variant called “Trailing Stop”, followed by the question “Would I Take This Trade?” for the user to record their intention. 

Finally, to provide for future Setup veracity analysis there is a “Trade Result” drop-down list providing for selection of the outcome resulting from the Setup.

A “Help” button is provided adjacent to each filter, that summarises that “Filter’s” criteria.  

The ABC Setup Filter Assessment Tool Kit

The ABC Setup Filter Assessment Tool Kit comprises 1 Microsoft Excel macro file within the download ZIP file. It is:

  • ABC Setup Filter Assessor v20190110.xlsm

First Use of the Analysis Tool Kits

 All the Analysis Tool Workbooks are compressed into ZIP files and need to be extracted before attempting to use them.

On first opening in Excel the Analysis Tool Workbook will probably generate a Macro warning - accept the running of the macros - otherwise the Workbooks will not work!

How to get the ABC Setup Filter Assessment Tool Kit...

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