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What is Auld Tyma Data?


Auld Tyma Data is dedicated to the analysis of the stocks, index, foreign exchange and commodities markets. It publishes the results of the Auld Tyma's outcomes from the investigations, analysis and some of his analysis and evaluation tool creations.

Those outcomes are:

  • Analysis Results - a summary of the Auld Tyma's use of his Analysis Tools,
  • Analysis Tools - tools developed in Microsoft Excel to evaluate chart patterns using data provided by Optuma (by Market Analyst), Scripts & Custom Tools for Optuma, and
  • Auld Tyma Chart Data - historic stock market information to support the study of W D Gann's lesson and publications.

From time to time new reports and tools will be added to this web site, so if you would like to know about those additions keep up to date by Subscribing (Click Here) to the Auld Tyma’s infrequent email notifications.  


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The 6 Most Recent Additions...

20 July 2019 - Studebaker Automobile Historical Data

Studebaker Automobile Historical Data (Click here) - Studebaker automobiles were manufactured by various Studebaker corporations between 1902 and 1966 and those corporations' stock was traded on the New York Stock Exchange from 1912 to 1967. Studebaker Automobile Corporation was the subject of lessons by W D Gann. The OHLCV data has been collated for the various Studebaker corporations and is presented as CSV files for importing into market analysis software such as Optuma and ProfitSource.

1 June 2019 - Optuma Custom Tool: "Date Price Label"

 Date Price Label Tool (Click here) -  the Optuma  (by Market Analyst)  Custom Tool  is a simple 2 click Custom Tool used to display a Date and/or Price. This “Date Price Label” has a smaller “footprint” than the standard Optuma Time Price Label, thus reducing chart clutter, as shown in the accompanying screenshot.  

27 May 2019 - Eggs Futures Contract Historical Price Data

Egg Futures Contracts Historical Data (Click here) - were traded on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange from 1920 to 1967 and were the subject of lessons by W D Gann. The price data for Eggs has been collated and is presented as CSV files for importing into market analysis software such as Optuma.

3 March 2019 - Optuma Custom Tool: "Planetary Longitude Label"

Planetary Tool Label (Click here) -  On Hold pending Optuma v1.5 update. 

An Optuma (by Market Analyst) Custom Tool that displays a Bar's Price and Longitude of the Geo/Helio Planetary Bodies

26 February 2019 - Optuma Custom Tool: "Tool Applied Date"

Tool Applied Date (Click here) -  An  Optuma (by Market Analyst) Custom Tool that  adds an annotation to a chart showing a previously applied tool name and the date that it was applied.

10 January 2019 - ABC Setup Filter Assessment

 ABC Setup Filter Assessment (Click here) - An Excel workbook for recording and assisting in the assessment of ABC Setups as taught by "Safety in the Market®"