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Who is the "Auld Tyma"?

The Auld Tyma is a retired infrastructure engineer/project manager that wanted something to exercise his brain in his retirement. An area of interest that there'd never been adequate time to properly study was the stock and commodity markets and trading in them. Thus with the major challenges of huge infrastructure projects behind him he had the free time to knuckle down to studying the stock and commodity markets. 

It's said it takes at least 10,000 hours to become a proficient at any trade or profession. That was true in the Auld Tyma's profession as an engineer/project manager, in fact he never stopped learning as 40 years in that profession rolled by. It applies equally to those seeking riches in the stock and commodity markets. This has lead him down a path of market investigation and analysis that has resulted in his creating some investigation results and analysis tools that may be of interest to others with similar interests.


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What is "Auld Tyma Data"?

"Auld Tyma Data" is a trading name used by Kookaburra Project Services Pty Ltd as Trustee for Baan Nok Trust (ABN 70 424 710 091)