Optuma Scripts, Tools, LAYERS & workbooks


What are Optuma Scripts, Tools, Layers and Workbooks?

In the Auld Tyma's view, Optuma (by Market Analyst) is the best market analysis software available to those traders and serious students of the charts of stocks, commodities, indices, and foreign exchange.

Within Optuma is a powerful Scripting Language and, as an add-on, a Pascal Programming Language Module that enables traders and market students to create their own tools and indicators to assist their research and the trading of their favourite markets. As one of those  who has delved into Optuma Scripting and Pascal Programming, the Auld Tyma has come up with some Scripts, Pascal Tools, Layers and Workbooks that may be of interest.

Optuma uses the typical graphics application approach of Layers that allow groups of Tools to be applied to a chart within a group (ie Layer) that can be rendered visible or hidden. Layers can contain standard Optuma Tools, along with user created Tools using the Optuma Scripting or Pascal Programming functionality.

Using the Optuma Scripts, Tools, Layers & Workbooks

The Optuma Scripts are available in three forms as:

  • PDF files containing Script descriptions and coding,  
  • Optuma Layers that can be copied in the Layer folder of Optuma and then applied to charts as desired, and
  • embedded in Workbooks, file named "*.owb" .

Importing Layers and Scripts received from Auld Tyma Data, and other Optuma users,  must be undertaken with considerable care or the Scripts included in Layers may not work as expected. To ensure the Auld Tyma Data Layers and Scripts work as intended please carefully follow the instructions detailed in the "Installing Optuma Layers and Scripts" note listed below.

Optuma Pascal Tools are complied Tools created in Optuma Pascal  and published as "*.olt" files that must be copied into the "Documents>Optuma>Local>Custom Tools" folder.

Optuma Workbooks are "*.owb" files that must be copied into the "Documents>Optuma>Local>Workbooks" folder.

How to Get the Optuma Scripts, Tools, Layers and Workbooks...

Click the links below to go to each Optuma Script's, Tool's, Layer's or Workbook's descriptive page where you can access them.  

Some Optuma Scripts are free, others are available for purchase:

  • All the free Optuma Scripts are published in PDF files that can be downloaded directly.
  • Follow the instructions on the Optuma Layer's or Script's page to obtain the Optuma Layers and/or Scripts for a modest payment. 

All Optuma Tools  created in Pascal are compiled especially for each purchaser of the Optuma Tool and will be dispatched  by email following receipt by Auld Tyma Data of the Optuma User's "Optuma Client ID" (not username or password) and the requested payment. Your Optuma Client ID can be found in Optuma at "Help > About".

Optuma Scripts & Layers List

 Adding Script Chart Elements to a Chart (Click here) - Instructions for adding CHART ELEMENTS to a Chart to display the result of script calculations. 

Installing Optuma Layers and Scripts (Click here) - a description of the steps required to import Layers and Scripts from other Optuma users.

First Lower Tops and First Higher Bottoms  (Click here)  - a set of Layers containing Scripts that identify significant Tops and Bottoms and the First Lower Tops and Higher Bottoms that succeed them.

GPL C&O Highlight Layers (Click here) - especially for Gann Astrological Traders, a set of Optuma SHOWBAR and CHART ELEMENT Layers to highlight and count Planetary Conjunction and Opposition Aspect coincidences with Significant Turning Points on market charts.

Signal Pattern Optuma Scripts Compendium (Click here) - a compilation of over 120 Optuma Scripts for identifying signal patterns on historical Daily Bar/Candlestick charts.

Optuma Custom Tools List

Date Price Label Tool (Click here) -  the Optuma  (by Market Analyst)  Custom Tool  is a simple 2 click Custom Tool used to display a Date and/or Price. This “Date Price Label” has a smaller “footprint” than the standard Optuma Time Price Label, thus reducing chart clutter, as shown in the accompanying screenshot. 

Minimum Price Movement Tool (Click here) - an Optuma  (by Market Analyst)  Custom Tool, the Minimum Price Movement (aka "Tick Size") Tool determines the minimum price movement of a market by finding the smallest price change within the most recent 200 bars, then applies an annotation above the last bar on a market's chart.  The Tool can also be used in Optuma Scripts as MINPRICEMOVE().  

Planetary Degree Measure (Click here) -  An  Optuma (by Market Analyst) Custom Tool that  measures the orbital angle a planet has moved from a Start Bar Date to an End Bar Date.

 Planetary Longitude Label (Click here)  An Optuma (by Market Analyst) Custom Tool that displays a Bar's Price and Longitude of the Geo/Helio Planetary Bodies .

 Tool Applied Date (Click here) - an  Optuma (by Market Analyst) Custom Tool that  adds an annotation to a chart showing a previously applied tool name and the date that it was applied. 

Optuma Workbooks

Watchlist & Chart - TimeSince Pivot 11 to Latest Bar (Click here) -   The “TimeSince Pivot 11 to Last Bar” Watchlist is an Optuma® Workbook that contains embedded scripts to calculate the number of Trading Days and Calendar Days from the Last Bar to the first five Pivot 11 Points back on a Daily Chart. The Watchlist then highlights the Trading Day and Calendar periods 47-49, 86-90, 117-120, 141-144, 177-180, 237-240 and 357-360