Auld Tyma Historical Chart Data


Why Gather Historical Chart Data?

 W D Gann wrote many courses that are hard to study without complete chart data to enable seeing his descriptions in context.

This prompted the Auld Tyma to go on a search for for some of that data. This meant searching back through almost 100 years of the financial pages of the New York Times newspaper, and where that did not have the required information or was unreadable, the Wall Street Journal, The Chicago Tribune and other newspapers. Thus was created a complete data history of a number of markets discussed by W D Gann, at the moment limited to  Auburn Automotive Company, Eggs Futures Contract and United States Steel, but more will be created as my study of W D Gann's lessons progresses.

Auld Tyma Chart Data Format

All the Auld Tyma Chart Data is contained in a compressed ZIP file that will need to be extracted before use.

Depending on the market  covered, the ZIP file may contain a number of CSV files (with various aggregation assumptions), along with a PDF document explaining the content of the CSV files.

On first opening the files may generate a Security warning - acknowledge the warning to allow the file to open.

How to Get the Auld Tyma Data...

Click the links below to go to each Auld Tyma Chart Data's descriptive page where you can download the Market Data Notes for the Market for free. 

Follow the instructions on the Auld Tyma Chart Data's page to purchase the Markets's Historical Data Zip file.