Eggs Futures Contract Historical Data


Why Collate Eggs Futures Contract Price Data?

W D Gann wrote many courses that are hard to study without complete chart data to enable seeing his descriptions in context, the Eggs lesson in “How to Make Profits in Commodities” (pages 269-274) among them.


How to Make Profits in Commodities” can be purchased from the WD Gann Inc (Click here).


This Eggs Historical Price Data compilation provides those studying WD Gann’s Eggs lesson the price only data necessary to study Gann’s lesson, in context within their favourite market analysis software and to extrapolate those trading methodologies to the present time.

This prompted the Auld Tyma to go on a search for the Eggs market data from the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. This meant searching back through the financial pages of the Chicago Tribute and the Wall Street Journal newspapers through the period 1918 to 1967 when Eggs Futures trading ceased.  

The Eggs Historical Data

The Eggs Historical Data ZIPped package comprises 13 files:

  • “Eggs, Historical Market Data Notes (20190526).pdf”  Notes explaining the source of the data and any adjustments made thereto.
  • "Eggs 1918-1943 Fresh First.csv”  This file contains Fresh Egg prices from 3 September 1918 to 10 January 1943.
  • "Eggs 1920-1967 Continuous.csv”  This file contains the current, soon to expire, contract prices for Refrigerated/Shell Eggs from the January 1920 contract (which opened on 3 October 1919) to the January 1967 contract (which expired on 24 January 1967). 
  • “Eggs 1920-1967-@ mmm.csv”  These 10 files are continuous data files for each contract month, commonly referred to as “Gann month” files. “@” being the month code letter and “mmm” being the contract months: January, February, March, April, May, June, September, October, November and December.

Auld Tyma Chart Data Package

 All the Auld Tyma Chart Data is contained in a compressed ZIP file that will need to be extracted before use.

Depending on the market  covered, the ZIP file may contain a number of CSV files (with various aggregation assumptions), along with a PDF document explaining the content of the CSV files.

On first opening the files may generate a Security warning - acknowledge the warning to allow the file to open.

How to Get the Eggs Historical Data...

The Egg Historical Price Data will be sent to you by email within 2 business days of receipt of your payment of  AUD$225.00.

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The Eggs, Historical Market Data Notes (20190526).pdf” file available below describes the content of the various data files.

Download: Eggs, Historical Market Data Notes


Right Click the Market Data Notes Filename to Read and Download: