Auld Tyma Market Analysis Tools


Why Auld Tyma Market Analysis Tools?

Peering at charts and their myriad indicators takes us along way to understanding what the charts are telling us, but there are times when looking at the chart data in an alternative way is also illuminating. This has lead the Auld Tyma to develop a number of tools to further analyse the chart data and reduce it to simple tables and alternative chart formats, or to create Excel versions of charts previously maintained manually, such as W D Gann’s Master Charts.

Many of the Auld Tyma’s Analysis Tool use chart data exported from market analysis applications as CSV files. That exported data can be data from OHLCV charts, Gann Swing Charts or the various other formats of data depending on the indicator data exported. 

Using the Analysis Tools

The Analysis Tools are Microsoft Excel 2010 macro-enabled Workbooks that accept market data copied as CSV files from the following market analysis applications:

  • Optuma (by Market Analyst), or
  • ProfitSource (by HUBB). 

Note: Many of the Analysis Tools only work with specific market analysis applications (Optuma or ProfitSource) so it is essential that you download the Analysis Tool for your data source market analysis application. Tools that are application specific will have the application name (Optuma or Hubb) in the download link like this:

            [Application] Analysis Tool Kit

All the Analysis Tool Workbooks are compressed into ZIP files and need to be extracted before attempting to use them.

On first opening in Excel, the Analysis Tool will probably generate a Macro warning - accept the running of the macros - otherwise the Workbooks will not work!

How to Get the Analysis Tools...

Click the links below to go to each Analysis Tool's descriptive page where you can download a free sample of the Analysis Tool's output. 

Follow the instructions on the Analysis Tool's page to purchase the Analysis Tool for a modest payment. 

Analysis Tools List

ABC Setup Filter Assessment  (Click here) - An Excel workbook for record and assisting in the assessment of ABC Setups as taught by "Safety in the Market®" 

Determine Market Tick Size (Click here) - uses Bar Chart OHLC data exported to a CSV file for import to MS Excel to determine a market's minimum price movement, ie Tick Size. 

Master Square of 52 (Click here) - One of W D Gann's Master Squares 

Master Square of 144 (Click here)  - Another of W D Gann's Master Squares

Signal Pattern Optuma Scripts Compendium (Click here) - a compilation of over 120 Optuma Scripts for identifying signal patterns on historical Daily Bar/Candlestick charts.

Turning Point Counts (Click here)   – uses Swing Chart data exported from a market analysis application to count the number of instances of Swing Tops and Bottoms in Monthly, Weekly or Daily Swing Charts and charts histograms of the instance total for each period.  

Watch List Trade Performance Monitor (Click here)   – used to collate the results of paper trading a Trading Plan to access the veracity of the Trading Plan Setup and entered Position Management.