"Planetary Longitude Label" Tool


What is the “Planetary Longitude Label” Tool?

The “Planetary Longitude Label” tool is a simple 2 click Custom Tool for Optuma (by Market Analyst).  It displays the OHLC Prices and Geocentric or Heliocentric Longitude of the planetary bodies at the price point of tool application. 

NOTE: The "Planetary Longitude Tool" requires the "Astronomical Tool Module" to be installed in the user's Optuma installation.

The “Planetary Longitude Label” Tool Kit

 The “Planetary Longitude Label” tool kit comprises 2 files within a ZIP file: “Planetary Longitude Label, Ed 20190616.zip”. They are:

  • Planetary Longitude Label.ost
  • Planetary Longitude Label - User Instructions, Ed 20190616.pdf 

First Use of the “Planetary Longitude Label” Tool

  The “Planetary Longitude Label” tool is delivered in a ZIP file and needs to be extracted before attempting to use it. 

The tool must be extracted from the ZIP file and placed in “[Username]/Documents/Optuma/Local/Custom Tools” folder. Optuma must be restarted to make to tool available.

How to get the “Planetary Longitude Label” Tool ...

 The “Planetary Longitude Label” Tool Kit will be sent to you by email within 2 business days of receipt of your payment of Tool AUD$25.00 and, most importantly, your Optuma Client ID (not the Username) which can be found in the Optuma "Help > About" dialogue. 

Click here to make your Payment   via the PayPal web portal. 

On the PayPal Page: Please ensure you click the "Write a Note (optional)" label and type in the reason for your payment. Don't forget to include your Optuma Client ID.   

Download: “Planetary Longitude Label” – User Instructions


Right Click the PDF file to View and Download: