Market Analysis Reports


Why Analyse Charts?

The study of the charts and the teachings of W D Gann, and too many others to name, results in a wealth of "proven" methodologies and techniques that are supposed to make one wealthy very quickly when using them. Maybe, a very big maybe. They do if you follow them to the letter, but then again, most do not! Many are based on generalisations and methods that work in some markets, occasionally in others and never in some. 


This lead to the skeptic in the  Auld Tyma to question a lot of what was published with the result that a number of analysis and evaluation tools where developed in Optuma (by Market Analyst) and Microsoft Excel to test the veracity of what had been "taught" and read. 


As the skeptic suspected, patterns and promoted trading methods were found to produce markedly different results in different markets and under differing market conditions.

The Analysis Reports are summaries of the results from studies of various markets. All Analysis Reports are published as PDF files so you will need a PDF reader (for example: Adobe Reader or Foxit PDF Reader) to read the documents.

How to Get the Reports....

Click the links below to go to each Analysis Report's descriptive page where you can download a free sample of the Analysis Report

Follow the instructions on the Analysis Report's page to purchase a copy of the full Analysis Report for a modest payment.

The Market Analysis Reports